About Us

Why did we start Emerging Farmer?

We created Emerging Farmer because we have a passion for helping emerging farmers like you improve your farming business. We grew up on a diversified farm in Ruwa, Zimbabwe where our parents raised livestock (pigs, cattle and chickens), grew grains (maize) and mixed vegetables. They never sheltered us from the realities of running a farming business. We know it's hard work with a lot of disappointments, but they are also a lot of joys. We started Soko Mushrooms, a mushroom and vegetable farming business in 2012. During that startup journey, we experienced first-hand the ups and downs of starting and growing a farming business in Zimbabwe
We are building the resource we wanted when we got started.

What is Emerging Farmer?

It is a farming platform and community for new and established farmers in southern Africa starting with Zimbabwe. We provide online and offline training for farmers in sustainable agriculture to help reduce poverty and promote agricultural profitability and productivity.

If you are wondering what to grow or how to grow it, Emerging Farmer is the platform for you. Here you will find actionable tools, tips, and inspiration to help you start, run and grow your thriving farming business.

What we do

  • Agricultural Information Management: we provide new and aspiring commercial farmers with access to reliable information through newsletters and books (coming soon!)
  • Workshops and Events: we partner with experts to provide workshops and field days, to help farmers learn how to start and operate their farming businesses. Our workshops and events cover a diverse range of topics including vegetable production, mushroom cultivation, tree cultivation, poultry production and pig production.

Stay in Touch with Emerging Farmer

We are currently on a break but can be reached in an emergency at +263-77 352 7397 or on Facebook.


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