Planning and preparation: Land preparation for vegetable production

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Once you have determined you can sell a crop it is time to prepare to plant it. (Our  FREE "How to Start a Farm" email course walks you through the steps of determining what to farm.)

Before you start planting you need to prepare your land. Prepare your land as soon as you have purchased your seed or while your seedlings are in the nursery.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting ready to plant.

Step 1: 

Test Your Soil: before you prepare your soil (ploughing/digging) you need to know your soil pH and soil structure.

Your soil pH determines what plants you can grow and what nutrients are available in the soil. Most crops need a neutral pH of 6.5 -7. If your soil is too acidic you can amend it using lime or if it is too alkaline you can amend it by using sulphur. Follow the directions on the package or your soil test recommendations.

Your soil structure (e.g. sandy, loam or clay) helps you determine which implements to use on your tractor or plough.

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