Crop Planning: Spring/ Summer Vegetable Planting Guide

Monday, October 16, 2017


Getting started with horticultural production (fruit and vegetable production) allows you to diversify your production and to earn more money from your farm/land. 

Below are 23 vegetables you can grow during the warm season and in some instances year-round. 

Quick disclaimer: please note that these vegetables & fruit are not suitable for all parts of the country. Use the list as a planning guide but check with your Agritex officer for the best vegetables to grow in your area. Some vegetables such as leafy greens (rape, lettuce, and cabbage) are more prone to pest pressure during the warm, wet season. Pick the best vegetables based on your soil type and drainage, climate, water availability, market and budget.

Sources of vegetable seed: Avanos Seeds, K2 Seed Marketing, Prime Seed Co. and Charter Seeds

Sources of vegetable seedlings: Spinyard Seedlings, Badze Garden Nursery, Emerald Seedlings, Guzzies Seedlings and Chegutu Garden Nursery

Disclaimer: while Emerging Farmer does everything to ensure the accuracy of our guides, it is important to contact an agronomist or your Agritex officer for accurate recommendations for your farm. Emerging farmer takes no responsibility for any losses or damage incurred due to information in this guide.


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