Biosecurity: How to Practice Biosecurity on Your Pig Farm

Monday, August 29, 2016

Guest Post by Emmanuel Mwesige

Biosecurity means doing everything possible to protect the health of your pigs by preventing the transmission of disease. An outbreak of animal disease could not only harm your pigs, but it could affect nearby animals and quickly spread through your area. The economic consequences of a disease outbreak could be devastating.

Taking common sense precautions to prevent diseases from entering your farm is the best investment you can make. I urge you to evaluate your disaster prevention practices and develop habits that will protect you, your farming operation, and the general public.

Quick Start Guide to Raising Goats in Zimbabwe

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Earlier this year I interviewed Hopewell Chin'ono, an emerging farmer and journalist, about goat farming in Zimbabwe. My first question for him was why goats.

You see the reason I asked that question is that I had not seriously considered commercial goat farming in Zimbabwe. Growing up we had a few goats on our farm, but they were more pets than anything else.

In our interview with Hopewell, he talked about importing $600+ full-blood Boer goats from South Africa and investing a significant amount of money into his goat operation. It got me intrigued and thinking perhaps I had been mistakenly overlooked goat farming. So I decided to do some research.

I spent the last few months since that interview reading books, magazines, articles and listening to talks and discussions on goat farming. I discovered that there is a lot of potential in the underserved, and largely underdeveloped goat market.

You can read my interview with Hopewell here and also check out his Facebook page for goat videos and updates from his goat farm in Murewa.

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